Lessons learned… so far

Existing under a stay at home order has been an opportunity to learn a few things, some good, some not so great!  Here is my list and I urge you to make your own.  Just the process of thinking about this can reduce some of that pent up frustration

  • I thought I loved a laptop computer but I really miss my desktop one!
  • Spam does not stop arriving in my Inbox
  • There is not much on TV in the middle of the day
  • People do wonderful things for others in an emergency
  • My cat really does sleep all day
  • Pro Bono is really personal and face to face
  • Being able to operate virtually is a virtue
  • My house has never been cleaner
  • The sound of a human voice ( not a TV one) is welcomed
  • Fed-ex trucks sound different than UPS
  • We were not prepared for a pandemic.

Most important observation- greatly miss seeing, hearing, talking, having coffee, sharing lunch, complaining, laughing, encouraging you, our law students.

Pam and Stan (my new part time assistant)