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Children’s Book Drive- Halloween surprise

When the SC Department of Education School Report Card is announced, you will often find the schools in Allendale, SC at the bottom of the list.  The children in this area deserve better. To help them get a head start on learning the Allendale-Fairfax Education Foundation is working to provide every child with their own books. What a wonderful surprise for Halloween.  The more they read and the earlier they learn to read the better chances they have of succeeding.

You can help by donating books! All ages welcome, hard-back or paperback. Collection box will be outside the Cafe from Oct. 24-28!  Let’s fill it up with our favorites

Want to order online? No problem, just have your donation sent here: Pamela Robinson, USC School of Law, 1525 Senate Street, Columbia, SC 29208

Every child matters and every book helps


Remember that wonderful feeling you got in elementary school when you reached a new level of reading or mastered a new skill?  We want to be sure that the children in the Allendale-Fairfax Schools get that same warm feeling and maybe a little prize! The Allendale-Fairfax Education Foundation is increasing its tutoring effort and we are going to help!

How you ask? Simple- it is all about the TIPS! Tips received during each of the 4 Tuesdays when a different food truck arrives on Pickens St and sells delicious  food (between 12 and 2)  will be donated to help the Foundation buy incentives for the kids.

Venezuelan arepas, tacos, burgers and salads- each week a different truck with a different cuisine.  Make plans to ignore that lunch bag on Tuesdays in September!

Change for Change Campaign- Helping Allendale-Fairfax Schools

Have noticed the donation jars that suddenly appeared in the library, cafe, bookstore, and Pro Bono office?

No, well it is time to start looking for them and then it is time to step up and start dropping in those pesky pennies, nickels and dimes! Time to free up your pockets! Empty them into the jars and help support the academic programs in one of SC’s poorest school districts- Allendale-Fairfax.

For more information and details about this year long campaign check out this story!