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Mindfulness Matters: We all benefit from looking after our mental health.

Omne Bonum (All Good Things) This page is a central location where you can find helpful resources to maintain good mental health. Take the first step! We all need to be reminded to take care of ourselves during these especially trying times.

Hygge  Pronounced “hoo-ga,” this Danish concept cannot be translated to one single word but encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being


September, 1, 2020. A Lawyer’s mental health is a critical part of their ability to perform at their best. The ABA has recognized that the legal community has “fallen short” when it comes to well-being. The 2017 National Task Force On Lawyer Well-Being recommends five central tenants that the legal community should focus on: Identifying and reducing toxicity levels in the legal profession, removing the stigma surrounding help-seeking, emphasizing that well-being is a critical and indispensable part of a lawyer’s duty of competence, educate the legal community and change how law is practiced and regulated to improve greater well-being in the community. 

The Pro Bono Program wholeheartedly endorses these recommendations. We also believe that service provides a bridge between students and the greater community while also improving student relationships and their mental health. Studies show participation in volunteer services improves mental and physical health by improving self-esteem and happiness. In addition to encouraging student involvement in Pro Bono activities, the Pro Bono newsletter is introducing Omne Bonum, found in this newsletter and on the 386ºblog, dedicated to improving the conversation about mental health in the legal community on our USC Law campus. 

Darcy Compton    Pro Bono Board Member 

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