Monthly Archives: October 2020

Wear a mask (or even a costume) to the Virtual Friday Blitz

Oct. 25-31 is National Celebrate Pro Bono Week!  We are doing our part to celebrate the amazing work lawyers and law students do to help the most vulnerable by holding a VIRTUAL FRIDAY BLITZ.  What is this? It is a team effort to respond to legal questions posted by the public on the SC. website.  Each team will consist of a lawyer and a law student who will utilize the chat feature to discuss solutions, draft and send responses.Our goal is to reduce the backlog of questions and to provide simple responses and possible links to other resources.

Sorry 1L’s this is not open to you, quite yet, but Jan. will be here soon! Here is the link to sign up

2L and 3L’s Don’t graduate without participating in one of these events.  A great networking opportunity!

UPDATE:  We have 15 lawyers signed up, lawyers from all over the state. Plenty of room for law students!  You don’t want to miss this networking opportunity. So few chances to meet and work one-on-one with an attorney but the Friday Blitz is amazing!