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September will be here soon…

and not only does that mean football, and school but also the once a year 11th Circuit Juvenile Arbitration Program training.  Being an arbitrator for juvenile cases is a special skill that requires training but also a serious desire to help solve problems.  It can be frustrating ( welcome to the world of working with kids!) but also a great opportunity to work within the criminal justice system.  The mandatory training is conducted every Tuesday and Thursday in September from 6-9. There is also an application. Once training is completed you decide when you can take a case and when you are overwhelmed. The individual cases do not take long and we help make it easier for you by having the case file delivered to the Pro Bono Program office.

This project has been a part of the Pro Bono Program for 30 years and although only a small number of students get to engage, the impact is huge! Any number of Assistant Solicitors started their careers with Juvenile Arbitration and have spread this idea of restorative justice across the state and beyond.

You can become a part of this elite team but you must contact the Pro Bono Program ASAP. We are only allocated 3 volunteer slots for this year. Only the truly interested should apply. This is not just a resume builder but a true volunteer experience.

Summer Friday Blitz!

Not only is it hot outside but the SC Free Legal Answers website has a backlog of burning questions!  Join us on August 2nd from 2:30-5 as we respond to those questions.

With the start of the academic year just around the corner this is a great chance to get back to work!  Good news!  No need to be dressed for success, flip flops are ok with us. Sign up here:

and don’t forget your laptop! Yes, there will be snacks.