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Training for NAACP Housing Navigator Program

Sept 11th the virtual training will take place. The NAACP Housing Navigator Program is an excellent project to help people facing eviction or housing challenges. The good news is you will have terrific resources and support and can do this virtually and pretty much on your schedule. Ok,you can’t call people at midnight but early evening is good!

To sign up for the training go to this link

For more information about this project check out this description 

This is a great project for any law student including 1L’s

NAACP Eviction Navigators

Working with the national NAACP and the local Columbia Chapter, eviction navigators are being recruited to help (virtually) citizens figure out solutions to their eviction and housing issues. Volunteers will be provided with training and resources.  Eventually this initial effort may result in a need for pro bono legal assistance as cases develop.

For more information here is the full description

If after reviewing this job description you want to enroll, simply submit the Pro Bono Interest form and a very short application will be sent to you.

A terrific opportunity to work hands-on on solutions in an emerging crisis.